Unlock a more efficient & effective way to reach your desired audiences outside of the walled gardens.

Brands are able to access first-party talent audiences programmatically, for the very first time.

Key offers direct-to- marketer creator audiences that are built off first-party, fully compliant data.

Group 52

Build your custom talent audience cohort, based on your individual performance goals for campaign activation.

Activation Details:

  • Activate talent audiences via multiple tactics: managed service or deal id.
  • Run on specific talent audiences, verticals, or custom cohorts.
  • Access a multitude of verticals inclusive of: DE&I, ESG, music, culinary, sports, fashion, health & wellness, gaming, lifestyle personalities, comedy, business, family.
  • Hit your DE&I campaign goals: DE&I cohorts are powered by multicultural talent & audiences, giving brands the ability to reach these unique segments and align with campaign KPIs.
  • Strategic alignment across all marketing channels: Key offers the ability to onboard your current talent partners onto key to build their audiences for activation.


1P powered audiences continually outperform cookie-based segments.

Learn more about campaign performance & proving efficacy of 1P talent driven campaigns.

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